Sunday, February 17, 2008

Brilliant Gandhi story

Sorry I don't remember full name of Mr. Desai

This man was a poor school teacher earning a small salary. He had three sons, and a fourth was on its way. One day, he came across Gandhiji, who told him to leave his job and work for the nation. The teacher was very worried; how would he feed his wife and his children. His wife was illiterate and could not work. One day his wife asked him why he was so worried and he told her what Gandhiji had told him," narrated Desai.

Desai continued: "You know what his wife told the teacher? She told him, in Gujarati, 'Bapu told you to quit the school and work for the country, didn't he? So why should you even think about it. Do it right away.'

The teacher then said, 'But how will we live, what will we eat?' The wife told him, 'Don't worry about that. We will manage somehow. But you must listen to Bapu.' So the teacher immediately quit his job and began to take part in social and political activities."

Desai paused, a lump in his throat. "Just imagine the effect that Gandhi had that people, rich or poor, would give up everything just because he told them to do so. But more important, is there any leader around today for whose sake we would give up everything simply because he tells us to?" he asks.

There is no need for a reply because the answer is obvious.

"And you know the best part of it all," continues Desai, "The teacher was worried about his children, their food and education and very survival. Yet, the family did well. Two boys became engineers, one a chartered accountant and the last a doctor. How much better can one do? It is almost like in obeying Gandhi, he was blessed and his worst fears taken care of," said Desai.

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