Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Introducing the new 'E-Charkha'

Developed by Bangalore based Hiremath,' e-charkha' not only produces yarn but also functions as an inverter. 2 hours of spinning will give the backup power for over 6 hours, sufficient enough to light up a small "LED" and even to power a small transistor. The Khadi and Village Industries commission formally launched 'e-charkha' last November. KVIC plans to introduce it in Khadi weaving centres across India. Mr Hiremath says that the 'e-charkha' would provide a means of economic independence to spinners in remote places – both in terms of utility and entertainment, solving the monotony of spinning. For more information on the product, call 9845113109.

'E-Charkha -- A Reality'

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