Monday, June 28, 2010

Gandhi's Family Tree

Got this during my recent visit to Sewagram Ashram (for the curious people)
      |                         |                        |
Laxmidas      Karandas     Mohandas
                                         & Kasturba
      |                    |                       |                       |  
Harilal       Manilal         Ramdas        Devdas
&Gulab     & Sushila      & Nirmala    & Laxmi
     |                 |                    |                     |  
Rami         Seeta-         Sumitra-         Tara-
                 Dhupalia      Kulkarni         Bhattacharya
     +                 +                    +                    +   
Kantilal      Arun-          Usha-            Rajmohan-
                 Gandhi         Gokani          Gandhi
      +                 +                    +                    +   
Rasik         Ela-             Kanu-            GopalKrishna-
                 Ramgobin    Gandhi            Gandhi


Akhtar Malik said...

well rightly said about gandhi ..

he was a beacon of peace for all

Global Peace

Arti said...

If we try to list out names of violent and non-violent people we have known of, the latter list would be much smaller. Why is it that we are at a loss here? Do hatred, fear and abhorrence have a higher psychological ranking within us than peace, love and contentment? Understand better how our mind registers and reacts to these two sides of the same coin

Siddharth Ranjan said...

Thank you Pradeep.

may i request to further stretch the genealogy and include in present day survivors.